How To Use the C-Clamp

Please note the following:

For proper operation, the spring should always be in some compression from the binding plates so do not back the tightening screw out far enough to let the spring go loose.

To release the gold binding plates, push the outer ends toward the clamp frame.

If clamp is in use and under screw tension, you must slightly loosen the tightening screw before releasing the binding plates.

If you should glue a clamp pad to your work, just pop it off of the clamp. (Try snapping them off and on to see how they attach.)

The pad swivel mount on the sliding shaft is held on with cyanoacrylate (Crazy Glue, Zap, etc.) and if you ever need to remove the sliding shaft just remove the pad and “o” ring, heat the swivel mount with a flame until the glue fails. Re-glue with a drop of cyanoacrylate.

If clamps are nested next to each other they can be tightened and loosened with an Allen key. If, however, you overtighten them with an Allen wrench you will be preforming step 5 in order to straighten or replace the binding plates.

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