Alberti Cello Endpins


Perfection in Carbon Fiber Design

Please note that we do not make, sell, or otherwise distribute snake oil, and we maintain no stock of shuck and jive. We are, however, known to make the finest and most reliable endpins that you can buy. At the least, Lynn Harrell thought so, and this is the endpin that he fitted to his Montangana cello and played on until the instrument was sold. He claimed the Alberti endpin solved every problem that he had ever had with endpins—from clamping to squeaks, buzzes, and slippage—and that it made his “cello sing.” That is a quote used with Lynn’s express permission and included here because we are not cellists, and we do not ourselves make such claims. We are designers and engineers, and we try to solve problems for musicians in the most elegant ways we can. The Alberti endpin is as innovative as it is reliable, and incorporates many unique patented features. Compact and extremely light in weight, the latest production has been upgraded in appearance while retaining all the same mechanical features and performance of the original.

Made of precision carbon-fiber tubing and aircraft aluminum, the Alberti Endpin features a single-piece clamping body and double tip with hardened, angled spike and integral rubber bumper. The removeable, replaceable spike is double-ended/pointed and the endpin body fits to the instrument with a tapered sleeve that simplifies installation. The precision-ground carbon fiber tube has an oversize diameter of .500″ and is of a stiff, thin-wall configuration that is restrained from falling by a unique friction bushing, even when the clamp screw is loose.

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