The Alberti Frog Eyelet Fixture

Our Frog Drilling Fixture can be used in the making of new frogs as well as the repair of old frogs. The drills and bushings provided will drill an oversize hole for relining the eyelet hole and the proper size hole for accepting the threaded shank of the eyelet in violin, viola and cello frogs. Custom bushings and drills can be provided for special applications.

The fixture features a swiveling support plate with lateral rocking adjustment to compensate for misaligned under-slides and the frog can be removed and replaced in the fixture with perfect realignment. No training is necessary to obtain perfect results from this tool.

To use the fixture, simply place the frog on the swivel plate and center it with the centering tool provided or, with new frogs, align with the center mark on the clamping arm. Before clamping tightly, the frog is brought into lateral alignment with the swivel plate rocking adjustment. With the correct drill and bushing selected, drilling is carried out with a drill press (preferred) or hand drill. When relining the eyelet hole, the frog is drilled oversize, removed to plug the hole and replaced in the fixture to re-drill with the smaller drill and drill bushing.

The slotted end of the alignment tool will drive the eyelet in with perfect alignment to the frog.

  • With Drills and Bushings for Violin and Cello – $325
  • With Drills and Bushings for Violin, Cello, and Bass – $385

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